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Silver Bells!

8/17/2014 First Post
Seriously Speaking

A lady came into the store the other day. I could not help staring at her ear. Now, I must say that I am a conservatively raised person but over my years have turned a bit to the other side. However, this took me aback but only for a moment. This 70 year-old lady had very interesting ears with 5 piercings in each one. She had tiny little rings that cascaded down in perfect alignment. It took me back to Christmas time and reminded me of the song Silver Bells. I do not know why; it just looked like silver Christmas balls on a tree with tinsel on one of those “lovely” silver trees. Back in the day, you know.
Can you imagine come next Halloween how interesting it would be if she would take out her earrings and put a little dot of fluorescent paint on each one? What a sight that would be walking her grandchildren around for Halloween in the dark!



Week 2 Time Management

Little by little I am becoming aware.  I woke up at 4 thinking of my DMP and finally realized “present” tense. My biggest challenge is time management as I want to listen and re-listen to everything.  I have to say that I was amazed at how much better I felt about everything in life after only about 10 minutes of the call.  Thank you!



Wow, for a technically challenged grandmother, this is amazingly taxing.  I know that in the end, the learning experience will far out-weight the challenging beginning. When I get to my limit, I re-read parts of the first lesson and a calming effect gets me through to try again.